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Zhanna Rassi Bears & Co.
Here live Teddybears and their friends :)

Rank Site In Out
1 Duffyantiques
56 69

A place to view my small bears, with some daily happenings.
2 Granny Doodle Blog
55 64

Granny Doodle Blog, bears, family, friends, and more.
3 news teddy bears
34 38

All the bearses and rabbit are OOAK,perfect in the details and realized with love.
4 Draffin Bears
25 9

Draffin Bears are hand made Teddy bears produced on
Waiheke Island, New Zealand by Bear Artist Carolyn Green.
5 Dances With Teddy Bears
16 24

At that magical moment when night touches day, we dance.
A teddy bear artist's journal of life with all its wonders.
6 NiKa Bears
7 8

NiKa Bears...handmade with heart! By NikZ
7 AutumnWoodBears
7 14

My world of miniature bear inspirations.
8 Louise Peers Miniature Bears
2 8

Original one of a kind miniature teddybears and friends lovingly created by myself.
9 Bearing All
2 3

A peek inside my life as a bear artist and beyond.
10 julchik_spb dolls and bears
2 5

My name is Julia Orlova.I am artist bears and dolls from Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
11 AniKA bears
1 11

12 Atalia's Bear Studio
1 8

Teddy bears and friends, handmade craft creations, painting.
13 Mishki LU
1 7

My artist Bears are fond of travelling with their friends.
14 Schlaflos in NRW
1 8

Blog of a sleepless bear maker and lotsa other inspiring art & daily gibberish...
15 Another magical day
0 3
Teddy bears, art dolls and other creatures with soul
16 The wise teddy-children
0 1
One of a kind artist teddy bears and friends
17 Misie Mru Mru
0 2

'Misie Mru Mru' is the blog about bears handmaded by me.
18 The variety of species
0 10

Teddy-bears by Alena Kulichkina
19 www.masiki-mihasiki.blogspot.com
0 5

Masiki-mihasiki Teddy bears of Mira Skybiak
20 La fée chiffonnée
0 4
Petits ours en laine feutrée, et autres jolies créations, toujours faits avec amour ....
21 Crystal Bears
0 4
A miniature bear artist from Derbyshire.
22 Hedgehog Corner
0 1

Sue Quinn's studio and home where Bears, Hedgehogs and other animals are made with the aid of her cat Amber!
23 Orsacchiotti di Annamay
0 1
Teddy Bears and stuffed animals - how to make them, love and care for them.
24 Hopkosh and Company
0 5

bears and other sweet friends
25 TS mini bears
0 5

26 kaysbearsandfriends.
0 3

Bears are made with love and compassion, with a big dollop of enthusiasm. Made with mohair, alpaca and vintage fur.
27 shaykotoys
0 2
Mink teddy bears made with love...and more
28 roosbear
0 4

This blog shows my hobby's (bears) and all things that interests my.
29 Puddie Pie Primitives
0 1

Puddie Pie Primitives. Primitive style hand made one of a kind bears, dolls and other sweet things designed by Carol.
30 IrisBears
0 2
Welcome to the world of bears and their friends.
31 Tinchens Teddywelt
0 9

Handmade minibears and critters from the cave of Tapsi's Bärenbande
32 Willy Nilly Whimsies
0 3
MOhair teddy bears and their companions
33 HappyLamb
0 2

I like toys
34 Felt Fascinated
0 4

Soft sculptures and felted creations by Australian soft sculpture artist Siobhan Colley
35 MyTopTeddy
0 2
a blog about my success and failures at making teddybears and felted critters.
36 Annebellekes Beren
0 2
Handgemaakte Beren
37 GJOYful Bears
0 0
The GJOYful Bears blog is designed to keep our collectors & fans up to date with the world & creations of GJOYful Bears. GJOYful Bears are Artist Bears & soft sculpture pieces designed & made entirely by hand by artists Robyn Kaye and Gabriele Joy. We hav
38 Dreli-Bears - Mazzitelli-Köhler Andrea Maria
0 2
handmade Teddy-bears & dragons & unicorns from high-qualitiy materials from 2,5 inch to 17 inch - all made in Austria with Love
39 Olin sakvoyage
0 8

Hand Made Teddy Bears and Friends by Olga Zharkova
40 Wish you were here, Mom (Booh Bears)
0 0

My little corner of the world where I share new Booh Bears and Bear related projects that I'm working on. Things I used to share with Mom! I am grateful for your interest!
41 woollybuttbears
0 5

Handcrafted teddy bears.
42 Teddy Bears Nostalgie
0 3

43 If you go in to the woods
0 0
Novice bear makers rantings and experiments
44 Wee Darlin Bears
0 0
A wee glimpse into my life and my passion of bear making.
45 Butterscotch Bears
0 4

One of a kind artist bears
0 2

An insight into Hug Tested Teddy Bears and the ramblings of their creator.
47 Inside Scoop- K Pawz Creations
0 5

OOAK Award Winning Soft Sculpture Artist Creations
48 Verin Bears
0 2

Textile Bears
0 1
Mini bears and cats in japanese style or primitive style
50 Out 'n About Bears
0 2
51 J.A.BRUINSdzigns
0 1
J.A.BRUINSdzigns - a studio where teddy bears and friends are lovingly handcrafted by Leonard Gotoking, Singapore
52 Ivanova Victoria artist toy
0 4

53 YuYu Bear
0 0

♥ Lovable artist bears of variety ♥
54 vaje-vaje atelje
0 4

Teddy Bears ~ Art Dolls ~ Felt
55 Once Upon a Needle
0 2
Three teddy bear artist friends and the interests that draw us together.
56 Astrup Bears
0 0
Danish artist teddy bears, made from finest mohair, alpaca or sometime plush.
I have made artist bears from 1999 and some was lucky to get awards and prizes.
57 Favourite toys by Svetlana Sitaleva
0 1

Favourite toys for you from Moscow.
58 Basti-Bären
0 1

Artist bears and other pretty things handmade with love by Iris Brunsmeier.
59 Bears,cats and others
0 2
Teddy bears from Siberia
60 murphybears
0 0
award winning artist made tradional style bears and animals
61 http://countrybearsandcrafts.blogspot.com/
0 2

Primitive, whimsical shabby chic style creations.
62 Lediteds
0 1

Handmade and designed teddybears and critters in vintage style.
63 Bärenliebe-Teddys
0 5

Bears & Friends
64 Melanie Louise Bears
0 3
Sharing my creations with fellow crafters plus sharing other wonderful tutorials and useful tips.
65 Selwyn Bears
0 2
I make vintage style teddy bears
66 Wayneston Bears
0 0

Original soft sculpture creations by Wayne Lim, Singapore
67 Little Leaf Bears
0 0

My blog is a listing of my newest completed, available, and recently adopted Little leaves. I also like to post about what's in the works and any changes in where I'm offering my Little leaves.
68 Ginie Lee Bears
0 0
A glimpse into my life and the bears in my studio!
69 Teddy Kind
0 2

Exclusive teddy bears by Ekaterina Bespalova.
70 Miranda Bears
0 5

blog,berenmaakster miranda
71 Judy's Raggedy Country
0 0
My latest creations.
72 Good Juju Bears and Dolls
0 3

Artist teddybears and lovely creatures by Alicia Bartolomé R-C.
73 SammiBears
0 3

Unique crocheted anime and traditional style teddies by Samantha Lutterotti
74 la patte creative
0 1
passion nounours tricotter,crocheter,et coussu
75 Relish Bears
0 3
Relish Bears are created by Narelle Hill. Narelle has been needle felting bears and critters for years and is now designing and creating hand sewn artist bears.
76 bon*bon bears
0 5

sweet and cuddly bears by bon*bon bears
77 Blue valley Bears
0 1
Turning yesterday's Vintage Furs into Tomorrow's Vintage Bears
78 Milly Me Designs
0 6

Diary of someone with a chaotic head full of ideas and very little time to make it happen
79 On a visit at Top Tygin
0 2
Blog about me and my bears
80 Three O'clock Thoughts
0 3

Lots of information about the Three O'clock Bears with plenty nice photos of each bear.
81 Ms. Misy
0 2

82 Teds 'n Such
0 0

Teds 'n Such is a blog showing the latest happenings in artist Tyler Crain's life and his most recent creations.
83 Neri atelje
0 0

Handmade teddy bears and their friends
84 Peng Peng's Place
0 4

one of a kind miniature bears, antiqued sock monkeys. join my private mailing list to be the first to be notified about new creations!
85 Densteds Bears by Denise
0 3

DENSTEDS Handcrafted Soft Sculpture Artist Mohair Bears. Individually designed and made by Denise
86 Teddy&friends
0 2
teddy bears and friends
87 Teddi Bears by Svetlana Kalmykova
0 3

Hand Made Teddy Bears and Friends.
88 The Littlest Thistle
0 0

Home to the Thistle Patch Clan, and updates about upcoming members
89 Melisa's Bears
0 4

One of a kind soft sculptures by Melisa Nichols
90 The Grizzley details
0 1
Hand made, original design mohair teddy bears.
91 mellisea's blogspot
0 1

A site with all kinds of crafts to create funny and cute animals.
92 knillie bears
0 1
hand gemaakte teddyberen naar eigen ontwerp
93 Oggies Attic
0 0
a little blog about bears, dolls and other lovely things.
94 My lovely Teddy Bears
0 2

Teddy Bears by Anna Sidorova
0 2
96 *Bears From The Attic* by Dorota Maria
0 0

*Bears from the attic* One of a kind bears and soft toy creations; different plush animals by a beginning bear maker Dorota Maria.
97 Olga Arkhipova - Artist Collectible Teddy Bears
0 1
Artist Collectible Handmade Teddy Bears and their friends (hedgehogs, rabbits, elephants).
98 Das blaue Haus by Erika
0 2

Dolls, Cloth and Clay Dolls, Teddybears, OOAK
99 The Guild of Master Bearcrafters' Blog
0 2

Where bearcrafters aspire to and inspire artistry. A non-elitist guild, dedicated to the art and promotion of bearcraft. We aim to come together as colleagues to celebrate, promote and progress the co
100 Joujou Moi de Vous
0 0
Artist and Vintage Handmade Collectible Teddy Bears and his friends
Rank Site In Out
101 Fashion Teddy Bears
0 0

Amazing Artist Teddy Bears which can adorn any interior or teddy bear collection.
102 alba linea
0 1

Nursery of Teddybears, Ooshulumms and other handsewn creatures.
103 Cicciorsi by Antonella's Bears
0 1

In questo blog espongo i miei teddy bears. Tutti miei orsi sono pezzi unici, creati rigorosamente a mano, con materiali di qualità.
OOAK certified/Absolutely no smoking house.
104 New Old Teddy
0 0

Enjoying living, creating teddies!
105 Artist Teddy Bears and Friends by Farberova Olga
0 1

Blog about artist teddy bears and friends by Farberova Olga
106 Atelier Wiba
0 4

Artist teddy bears and friends created by Ute Wilhelm. Welcome to our beary world and life...
107 marigo
0 1

fabricant d'ours de collection, de décoration
réalisation de pièces uniques
108 Honey Pot Bears
0 1
Psssst the Honey Pot Bears are inside waiting to take you on a trip of childhood memories....so come on....take a peek inside....
109 Westie Bears
0 0
Mini Wacky bears and other critters
110 Mabledon Road Bears
0 1

Little bears hand made in Kent by Sue Shillingford
111 Lenochkin handmade
0 1
Wonderful Teddy-bears handmade
112 The Mountaineers
0 0

113 ev-gallery.ru
0 1
Teddy bears and friends by Euginia Kashina
114 Crafting Dreams
0 5

Lovable softies by Rebeca Lopez.
115 Potbelly Bears (and Other Cheerful Things)
0 1

Original teddy bears and other textile treasures created by California artist Shelli Heinemann.
116 JuNa Art
0 3

OOAK Dolls and Teddy Bears by Julia Nazarenko
117 Flopsey Bears
0 1
One of a kind artist bears and other creatures made of natural fabrics, with long floppy arms and legs.
118 TeddyFolk
0 0

I design and sew vintage inspired teddy bears from upcycled wool, cashmere, mohair and camel hair coats. My favorite word is simplify, but sometimes I tend to complicate things.
119 Kehrli Bears
0 0

Artist mohair teddy bear blog by Teri Kehrli of Kehrli Bears
120 Magic basket
0 3

The blog of Authorial bears Julia Kozub
121 Fleecy Feetsies by Jeanine Rose
0 1

Designer of needle felted sculptures, custom pets and artist bears.
122 TeddyMishki by Svetlana Sheykina
0 1

123 Hand made by I.Ona
0 0
Куклы ручной работы
124 Cupboard Bears By Elizabeth Lloyd
0 49

Original Mohair Bears since 1994
125 *** Realistic Style Bears by Alla Danilina ***
0 2
My name is Alla Danilina and I am a bear maker. I live in Russia. And my bears live around the world. I dream to go to visit them)))

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