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Rufnut Teds

Latest Gossip from the Studio.

Rank Site In Out
1 Duffyantiques
56 79

A place to view my small bears, with some daily happenings.
2 Granny Doodle Blog
51 63

Granny Doodle Blog, bears, family, friends, and more.
3 news teddy bears
40 51

All the bearses and rabbit are OOAK,perfect in the details and realized with love.
4 Draffin Bears
25 11

Draffin Bears are hand made Teddy bears produced on
Waiheke Island, New Zealand by Bear Artist Carolyn Green.
5 Dances With Teddy Bears
18 25

At that magical moment when night touches day, we dance.
A teddy bear artist's journal of life with all its wonders.
6 Verin Bears
13 20

Textile Bears
7 Poppie Dolls and Bears
11 7

One-of-a-Kind Heirloom Quality Bears.
A Whimsical Glance at a Timeless Era.
8 AutumnWoodBears
6 17

My world of miniature bear inspirations.
9 Creations by Olga Goncharova
3 4
My blog about teddy bear making, tools, tips and techniques, and the bears made by me, Olga Goncharova. And a little bit about my life.
10 Bearing All
3 9

A peek inside my life as a bear artist and beyond.
11 Schlaflos in NRW
3 16

Blog of a sleepless bear maker and lotsa other inspiring art & daily gibberish...
12 AniKA bears
2 9

13 My lovely Teddy Bears
2 3

Teddy Bears by Anna Sidorova
2 7

An insight into Hug Tested Teddy Bears and the ramblings of their creator.
15 Atelier Wiba
1 24

Artist teddy bears and friends created by Ute Wilhelm. Welcome to our beary world and life...
16 Essential Bears
1 2

The life and times of two bear artists. Share the creative, magical and sometimes chaotic happenings in our lives. Meganís blog is at http://www.meganchamberlain-essentialbears.blogspot.com/
17 TS mini bears
1 5

18 Olin sakvoyage
1 5

Hand Made Teddy Bears and Friends by Olga Zharkova
19 Valewood Bears
1 6

Day to day diary of the Valewood Bear World
20 NiKa Bears
1 4

NiKa Bears...handmade with heart! By NikZ
21 The variety of species
1 6

Teddy-bears by Alena Kulichkina
22 Butterscotch Bears
1 3

One of a kind artist bears
23 Mira's lair.
1 5

Teddy Bears and Friends by Irina Kunakh.
Blog about my teddy bear and my life.
24 Lombard Bears Australia
1 1

OOAK Soft Sculpture Bears, Critters and Fantasy Creatures made from the highest quality materials!
25 Ginie Lee Bears
1 3
A glimpse into my life and the bears in my studio!
26 Emo Bears
1 3
A new bear artist struggling to design her own unique bears and learn new skills!
27 Wish you were here, Mom (Booh Bears)
1 4

My little corner of the world where I share new Booh Bears and Bear related projects that I'm working on. Things I used to share with Mom! I am grateful for your interest!
28 The Inner World of Emmas Bears
1 2

A collection of photos and thoughts about the challenges of working in a bear-making life at home full-time with a baby girl!
29 Lovable Fellows
1 1

Artist bears and their friends by Karin Jehle
30 roosbear
0 3

This blog shows my hobby's (bears) and all things that interests my.
31 Tinchens Teddywelt
0 2

Handmade minibears and critters from the cave of Tapsi's Bärenbande
32 Another magical day
0 2
Teddy bears, art dolls and other creatures with soul
33 The wise teddy-children
0 1
One of a kind artist teddy bears and friends
34 Dreli-Bears - Mazzitelli-Köhler Andrea Maria
0 0
handmade Teddy-bears & dragons & unicorns from high-qualitiy materials from 2,5 inch to 17 inch - all made in Austria with Love
35 IrisBears
0 0
Welcome to the world of bears and their friends.
36 Orsacchiotti di Annamay
0 0
Teddy Bears and stuffed animals - how to make them, love and care for them.
37 woollybuttbears
0 3

Handcrafted teddy bears.
38 kaysbearsandfriends.
0 2

Bears are made with love and compassion, with a big dollop of enthusiasm. Made with mohair, alpaca and vintage fur.
39 shaykotoys
0 0
Mink teddy bears made with love...and more
40 La fée chiffonnée
0 2
Petits ours en laine feutrée, et autres jolies créations, toujours faits avec amour ....
41 Crystal Bears
0 1
A miniature bear artist from Derbyshire.
42 GJOYful Bears
0 1
The GJOYful Bears blog is designed to keep our collectors & fans up to date with the world & creations of GJOYful Bears. GJOYful Bears are Artist Bears & soft sculpture pieces designed & made entirely by hand by artists Robyn Kaye and Gabriele Joy. We hav
43 Teddy Bears Nostalgie
0 2

44 Annebellekes Beren
0 0
Handgemaakte Beren
45 If you go in to the woods
0 0
Novice bear makers rantings and experiments
46 Inside Scoop- K Pawz Creations
0 5

OOAK Award Winning Soft Sculpture Artist Creations
47 Out 'n About Bears
0 0
0 0
Mini bears and cats in japanese style or primitive style
49 Willy Nilly Whimsies
0 0
MOhair teddy bears and their companions
50 MyTopTeddy
0 0
a blog about my success and failures at making teddybears and felted critters.
51 Misie Mru Mru
0 0

'Misie Mru Mru' is the blog about bears handmaded by me.
52 HappyLamb
0 1

I like toys
53 www.masiki-mihasiki.blogspot.com
0 1

Masiki-mihasiki Teddy bears of Mira Skybiak
54 Felt Fascinated
0 0

Soft sculptures and felted creations by Australian soft sculpture artist Siobhan Colley
55 Ivanova Victoria artist toy
0 3

56 Puddie Pie Primitives
0 1

Puddie Pie Primitives. Primitive style hand made one of a kind bears, dolls and other sweet things designed by Carol.
57 J.A.BRUINSdzigns
0 0
J.A.BRUINSdzigns - a studio where teddy bears and friends are lovingly handcrafted by Leonard Gotoking, Singapore
58 Peng Peng's Place
0 0

one of a kind miniature bears, antiqued sock monkeys. join my private mailing list to be the first to be notified about new creations!
59 Astrup Bears
0 0
Danish artist teddy bears, made from finest mohair, alpaca or sometime plush.
I have made artist bears from 1999 and some was lucky to get awards and prizes.
60 Favourite toys by Svetlana Sitaleva
0 4

Favourite toys for you from Moscow.
61 Bärenliebe-Teddys
0 5

Bears & Friends
62 Melanie Louise Bears
0 0
Sharing my creations with fellow crafters plus sharing other wonderful tutorials and useful tips.
63 Once Upon a Needle
0 1
Three teddy bear artist friends and the interests that draw us together.
64 vaje-vaje atelje
0 1

Teddy Bears ~ Art Dolls ~ Felt
65 Lediteds
0 0

Handmade and designed teddybears and critters in vintage style.
66 Bears,cats and others
0 1
Teddy bears from Siberia
67 Basti-Bären
0 1

Artist bears and other pretty things handmade with love by Iris Brunsmeier.
68 Judy's Raggedy Country
0 1
My latest creations.
69 Good Juju Bears and Dolls
0 2

Artist teddybears and lovely creatures by Alicia Bartolomé R-C.
70 Little Leaf Bears
0 1

My blog is a listing of my newest completed, available, and recently adopted Little leaves. I also like to post about what's in the works and any changes in where I'm offering my Little leaves.
71 Teds 'n Such
0 1

Teds 'n Such is a blog showing the latest happenings in artist Tyler Crain's life and his most recent creations.
72 Milly Me Designs
0 8

Diary of someone with a chaotic head full of ideas and very little time to make it happen
73 Wayneston Bears
0 2

Original soft sculpture creations by Wayne Lim, Singapore
74 Selwyn Bears
0 1
I make vintage style teddy bears
75 SammiBears
0 2

Unique crocheted anime and traditional style teddies by Samantha Lutterotti
76 Miranda Bears
0 0

blog,berenmaakster miranda
77 Teddy Kind
0 2

Exclusive teddy bears by Ekaterina Bespalova.
78 http://countrybearsandcrafts.blogspot.com/
0 0

Primitive, whimsical shabby chic style creations.
79 murphybears
0 0
award winning artist made tradional style bears and animals
80 bon*bon bears
0 1

sweet and cuddly bears by bon*bon bears
81 Blue valley Bears
0 0
Turning yesterday's Vintage Furs into Tomorrow's Vintage Bears
82 On a visit at Top Tygin
0 0
Blog about me and my bears
83 Densteds Bears by Denise
0 0

DENSTEDS Handcrafted Soft Sculpture Artist Mohair Bears. Individually designed and made by Denise
84 Three O'clock Thoughts
0 1

Lots of information about the Three O'clock Bears with plenty nice photos of each bear.
85 Hedgehog Corner
0 1

Sue Quinn's studio and home where Bears, Hedgehogs and other animals are made with the aid of her cat Amber!
0 0
87 YuYu Bear
0 1

♥ Lovable artist bears of variety ♥
88 Neri atelje
0 0

Handmade teddy bears and their friends
89 Teddy&friends
0 1
teddy bears and friends
90 knillie bears
0 0
hand gemaakte teddyberen naar eigen ontwerp
91 Melisa's Bears
0 1

One of a kind soft sculptures by Melisa Nichols
92 Relish Bears
0 0
Relish Bears are created by Narelle Hill. Narelle has been needle felting bears and critters for years and is now designing and creating hand sewn artist bears.
93 la patte creative
0 0
passion nounours tricotter,crocheter,et coussu
94 The Littlest Thistle
0 0

Home to the Thistle Patch Clan, and updates about upcoming members
95 Teddi Bears by Svetlana Kalmykova
0 1

Hand Made Teddy Bears and Friends.
96 Oggies Attic
0 0
a little blog about bears, dolls and other lovely things.
97 mellisea's blogspot
0 2

A site with all kinds of crafts to create funny and cute animals.
98 The Grizzley details
0 0
Hand made, original design mohair teddy bears.
99 Hopkosh and Company
0 0

bears and other sweet friends
100 Bears by Ece
0 0

Artist teddy bears and friends created by Ece Hanson.
Rank Site In Out
101 The Guild of Master Bearcrafters' Blog
0 2

Where bearcrafters aspire to and inspire artistry. A non-elitist guild, dedicated to the art and promotion of bearcraft. We aim to come together as colleagues to celebrate, promote and progress the co
102 Joujou Moi de Vous
0 0
Artist and Vintage Handmade Collectible Teddy Bears and his friends
103 marigo
0 1

fabricant d'ours de collection, de décoration
réalisation de pièces uniques
104 Honey Pot Bears
0 0
Psssst the Honey Pot Bears are inside waiting to take you on a trip of childhood memories....so come on....take a peek inside....
105 Das blaue Haus by Erika
0 1

Dolls, Cloth and Clay Dolls, Teddybears, OOAK
106 Olga Arkhipova - Artist Collectible Teddy Bears
0 0
Artist Collectible Handmade Teddy Bears and their friends (hedgehogs, rabbits, elephants).
107 Artist Teddy Bears and Friends by Farberova Olga
0 0

Blog about artist teddy bears and friends by Farberova Olga
108 alba linea
0 1

Nursery of Teddybears, Ooshulumms and other handsewn creatures.
109 Fashion Teddy Bears
0 2

Amazing Artist Teddy Bears which can adorn any interior or teddy bear collection.
110 Potbelly Bears (and Other Cheerful Things)
0 0

Original teddy bears and other textile treasures created by California artist Shelli Heinemann.
111 JuNa Art
0 1

OOAK Dolls and Teddy Bears by Julia Nazarenko
112 Lenochkin handmade
0 0
Wonderful Teddy-bears handmade
113 The Mountaineers
0 1

114 Natasha's bears
0 0
Teddy bears by Semencheva Natakia
115 KALEideaSCOPE: Bear in Mind!
0 2

Soft sculpture, my personal inner world. Creativity at large!
116 Mabledon Road Bears
0 1

Little bears hand made in Kent by Sue Shillingford
117 Westie Bears
0 0
Mini Wacky bears and other critters
118 Flopsey Bears
0 1
One of a kind artist bears and other creatures made of natural fabrics, with long floppy arms and legs.
119 Crafting Dreams
0 1

Lovable softies by Rebeca Lopez.
120 ev-gallery.ru
0 0
Teddy bears and friends by Euginia Kashina
121 New Old Teddy
0 1

Enjoying living, creating teddies!
122 Cicciorsi by Antonella's Bears
0 1

In questo blog espongo i miei teddy bears. Tutti miei orsi sono pezzi unici, creati rigorosamente a mano, con materiali di qualità.
OOAK certified/Absolutely no smoking house.
123 Fleecy Feetsies by Jeanine Rose
0 2

Designer of needle felted sculptures, custom pets and artist bears.
124 TeddyMishki by Svetlana Sheykina
0 0

125 Hand made by I.Ona
0 0
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